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Welcome to the Maryland PTA Website


A Word From Our President

MDPTA President Elizabeth Ysla Leight

Embracing the Future for All Children

100 Years of Advocacy for Children,

Families and Teachers

Access, Equity and Excellence

Hello Maryland PTA Volunteers,

I have the honor of serving as President of Maryland PTA for the coming two years.  Part of my job includes helping to guide our many volunteers in providing services that are valuable to our members.  While Maryland PTA provides a number of member benefits, the most important of these are: knowledge, community and networking.

Knowledge: Our Publications and Programs

Members like you have told us that the one thing that stands out as the most valuable resource for Local PTA Units is access to our training publications and programs. As a member, you receive email alerts and newsletters every other month.  The newsletter provides up to the minute content with articles, legislative developments, and new information you can use for your meetings.  Explore the most recent issue now on our website. Information about our other publications can be found under News & Updates.

Soon, you will receive information on power-point materials you can use for training on a variety of subjects. With Maryland PTA and National PTA you will have at your fingertips, different cutting edge topics of interest to you and your local unit members.  If you have not yet participated in one of these programs, check out one of the upcoming programs under Trainings.

Community: Our Committees

Access exclusive resources like webinars, newsletters and interactive discussion joining one of our specialized Committees.  Committees offer many opportunities for personal and professional growth regardless of your involvement level.  See the full list of Committees at About Maryland PTA.

Networking: Our Annual Convention

Experience all that Maryland PTA has to offer and attend the annual Convention.  The Convention provides dozens of education sessions, meetings of our groups and committees and a variety of networking events.  The next Convention is tentatively scheduled for the first week in August.

Learning Hero:  Keep an eye out for more information coming soon about opportunities to host a Learning Hero program in your local unit with information provided by Maryland PTA. 

Being active in Maryland PTA is an investment that yields great value.  Continue to expand your knowledge, engage with a welcoming community and experience the best that networking can be.


**Membership Card Update!  The membership card template has been removed since it is not compatible with all printers.   Membership Cards printed incorrectly will NOT be replaced by Maryland PTA.  Print at your own discretion.

Click the toolbox to download your

2015 - 2016 Leadership Kit  

              • Leadership Guide
              • Principal's Guide to PTA
              • Membership Guidebook
              • Local Unit Bylaws Template
              • Arts in Education: Reflections Guide
              • Treasurer's Guide for money Management: Cash Encounter, Sample Reports, and Forms & Instructions



July 16 - 18, 2015 - Maryland PTA's - 100th Annual Convention


Thank you to all of our sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, special guests and especially thank you, to our members, for another successful convention.   We are looking forward to continuing the legacy of Maryland PTA.   

An enormous amount of important information was shared throughout convention.  Click here for a convention overview; get information about our sponsors, exhibitors, and workshop recaps. 

Thank you for your continued support our children and communities.  


Maryland PTA 100th Annual Convention & Celebration Sponsors!



The following message is  on behalf of Marques Ivey,

Chair, National PTA Bylaws & Policy Committee

The National PTA Board of Directors has approved the proposed bylaws revision submitted by the Bylaws and Policy Committee. The proposed bylaws document and additional supporting materials can be found at http://www.pta.org/bylaws. Included on the site are the following materials:

  • Current National PTA Bylaws
  • Proposed National PTA Bylaws Revision
  • Proposed Amendments to National PTA’s Articles of Incorporation
  • Cross Reference Document that highlights the Proposed Bylaws changes
  • Image Highlighting the Alignment of National PTA’s Governing Documents

Please feel free to share the materials with your membership and use this video .             

Download the video here: http://tbf.me/a/ByEoNq.  

Additional documents are also being developed.  The Proposed Bylaws will be voted on at the 2015 National PTA Convention in Charlotte, NC.






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Breaking News

So long, fiscal 2015.

It's the last day of the fiscal year and lawmakers are looking to settle their differences -- at least for the time being -- and pass a short-term funding extension in time to avert a government shutdown tomorrow. The Senate plans to vote on the legislation soon after convening this morning and send it over to the House, where Speaker John Boehner’s decision to step down next month should make it easier for him to push through the bill with the help of Democrats.

A number of conservative Republicans are likely to oppose the funding measure because it doesn’t include language that would bar federal funds for Planned Parenthood though the leaders scheduled a separate vote on defunding the organization. Pay attention to this morning’s Rules Committee meeting, since the simplest way to avoid a government shutdown would be to bring the funding bill to the House floor under a closed rule.  There’s some flexibility in the end-of-the day deadline. If Congress is close to finishing a bill, the Office of Management and Budget has the power to let everything stay open for another day.

OK, so say the shutdown is avoided for now, and we near the December expiration of the stopgap funding measure, and we need to figure out fiscal 2016. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he's preparing to begin talks with President Obama and other congressional leaders soon on what he hopes will evolve into a two-year budget deal. You also can hear directly from BGOV experts about the latest on these ongoing budget negotiations, whether or not topline spending for both defense and non-defense programs will be increased, and an update on efforts to raise the debt limit later this year.

Eddie Gleason, Federal Legislative Chair


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