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Welcome to the Maryland PTA Website


A Word From Our President


February 2015

Hello fellow PTA members,

It’s February and the Ground Hog has seen his shadow, meaning at least 6 more weeks of cold, windy, rainy, icy, snowy winter weather. It’s also when Maryland’s Legislature meets to write and amend laws, and work on the New Governor’s Budget package. The President Elect, VP Legislation, members of the Legislative Committee and myself ventured down to Annapolis to hand deliver our Legislative Agenda. We were very well received and many were relieved that PTA was making its presence known at the Capitol. We are watching very closely the cuts to education, the Capital Budget, Charter School, and possible voucher bills. We have secured with the help of Delegate Pena-Melnyk (Anne Arundel and Prince George Counties) a location and date for our PTA Night in Annapolis. Save the Date March 4th, 2015 from 5pm-8pm. Last year we had a great big crowd! This year we will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary during the event. I hope we can count you in for this fun and informative event!


If you haven’t registered for your National PTA Back to School Kit, you still can at http://www.pta.org/members/content.cfm?PreviewContentItem=25404&RDtoken=51255&userID=

It includes some fantastic materials for all of your officers and chairs:

  • Easy-to-use guides for the president, treasurer, and membership and programs chairs
  • Membership, fundraising and marketing tools
  • Program and advocacy resources
  • Special PTA-member-exclusive offers from our national partners
  • Quick Reference Guide PDFs: Each of the Quick Reference Guides are available for download in PDF format, allowing leaders to print and distribute materials as needed.
  • New Posters: We have included two of our most popular PTA posters in this year’s kit to help you increase your PTA’s visibility at school.
  • Share and Print Functions: Click the share button on the online kit to send information via email or social media, or click print to send a page straight to your printer. Both functions allow leaders to share content faster and easier than before.
  • Spanish Version: The Back-to-School Kit website at PTA.org/BacktoSchool  is now available in Spanish, helping to welcome and support our Spanish-speaking families.

From Maryland PTA, you should be have received our Leadership Kit full of even more relevant reference materials such as Cash Encounters, Forms, Guides, Membership, Leadership and Reflections Guides, and some great fundraising info too!

Membership Cards are being mailed daily.  If you have not sent in your office contact list for the year, do so as soon as possible so that your cards can be mailed! Make sure you count your cards and verify they match the enclosed invoice. Your unit will be charged for the number of cards on the invoice. Remember to send in payments monthly as you sell your cards.

Maryland’s dues portion is $1.75 and National PTA is $2.25 for a total of $4.00 per card sold.

Any questions??? The Maryland PTA website is a good place to start http://mdpta.org/index.html  We are also offering numerous training opportunities. Go to http://mdpta.org/bridge_training.html and register for a training today! County Council PTA Leadership can be a huge help too as they know the ins and outs of your county. Contacts to your County PTA Council can be found by calling or e-mailing our office, 410-760-6221 or office@mdpta.org

Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2014/2015 school year! Remember we are here to help. Enjoy what’s left of summer and stay cool!

Ray Leone

Maryland PTA President




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Breaking News


Treasurer’s Corner 

Bruce Butz, Maryland PTA Treasurer

Welcome back to a new school year.  By this time, you all should hopefully be working toward an approved budget, signature cards should be completed for new officers, and fund raisers should be in place. 


Because of the passage of House Bill 232 in July 2013, PTAs will no longer be responsible for collecting sales tax on any of their fundraising sales.

This does not infer that PTAs are exempt from paying sales tax on items they purchase. Therefore, you must provide any vendor, with which you do business, with the Blanket Certificate of Resale to avoid paying the sales tax on taxable items. These certificates have a purchase threshold of $200.  If you do not meet this threshold or the vendor does not accept the certificate (though they are supposed to), you must pay the sales tax and then request a refund from the Office of the Maryland Comptroller. You must still report $0 regularly when reporting Sales and Use Tax to the Comptroller’s Office.  PTAs must still pay sales tax on all taxable items purchased that are not for resale and cannot request a refund for that.  Please provide Maryland PTA with your sales and use tax license number if you have not already done so. PTAs are now permitted to apply for their own Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate which will mean that they no longer have to pay sales tax on any purchases in the state.


Your fiscal year has ended.  It is not necessary to wait until November 15 to file the required paperwork.  You can do it now. Remember that you must send a copy of whichever form you file to Maryland PTA by December 15.  IRS imposes a $20/day penalty for filing late.

If your local unit had gross receipts of $50,000 but less than $200,000 (more than $200,000 requires a 990.), you are required to file IRS Form 990EZ and the accompanying Schedule A (Schedule B and others as necessary.)  This form is due by November 15.   Please make sure that your 4 digit GEN code, Block F, is listed as 1999.  This code identifies you as part of the Maryland PTA group.  IMPORTANT: This should be sent to IRS via Certified Mail.

If your local unit had gross receipts of less than $50,000, you must go to the IRS website and locate and complete form 990N.  This is relatively simple to complete and must be completed on line by November 15. Be sure to send us a copy of your confirmation email from the IRS.  If you wish to file the 990-EZ instead of the 990-N, you may do so.

If you fail to complete either form, you could lose your nonprofit status and thus would be required to pay income tax on all profits.  

Financial Review

According to Maryland PTA Bylaws, you are required to submit a copy of the financial (audit) review report and the final financial statement to Maryland PTA.  These are due in the Maryland PTA office by October 31st. 

Charitable Solicitation Updates

While you are working on the 990, why not also complete the Annual Update of Registration for Charitable Organizations and the accompanying Certification Form.  Every PTA with gross income of $25,000 is required to register the first year and then complete an Annual Update of Registration thereafter.  PTAs will be required to pay a fee based on the gross income and provide a copy of a 990-EZ or complete the Maryland form COF 85. It is strongly encouraged by both the Secretary of State and Maryland PTA that every PTA registers regardless of their income level because there are benefits to you as a PTA.  Potential donors are able to check the Secretary of State’s website to determine registered charitable organizations.   For those PTAs under the $25,000 threshold, the only form needed is the Exempt Organization Fund-Raising Notice.  The necessary forms can be found on the Secretary of State’s website www.sos.state.md.us. These are due December 31. Remember to send a copy of whichever document you file to Maryland PTA.

Treasurer's Training

The Maryland PTA bylaw amendment passed by the Convention delegates in 2013 mandated that all treasurers and one other board member to attend a MDPTA sponsored training on tax forms within 120 days of taking office.

The Treasurer and one other board member must be trained on the Maryland and Federal filing documents following each election or re-election.   Much of this mandated training will be done via the internet but can also be included in Regional Trainings or All-Day Financial Trainings.

The All-Day Financial Training workshops for treasurers, or anyone else, discuss such issues as Budgets, 990s, Financial Reviews (audits), funding, sales tax, and basic Treasurer Responsibilities.  Check the Maryland PTA Website’s Training Calendar as new training dates are often added. 


2014 Personal Property Return

Some local units still have not submitted a copy of their 2014 Personal Property Report to Maryland PTA as part of the requirements for the Standards of Affiliation.  This was due April 15.  Please provide a copy to Maryland PTA ASAP.  For those PTAs who are delinquent and have forfeited their incorporation status, it will be necessary to complete the revival of your charter along with the accompanying $100 fee and complete all missing Personal Property Reports.


All PTAs should have paid their insurance.  This should have been paid prior to July 1 to avoid the $25 penalty.  Make sure that the information sheets provided by the insurer (red, yellow, & green lights) are carefully read, understood and followed.  It cannot necessarily be “business as usual.” If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the BB&T agent, information is on the MDPTA website.


Help is always just a phone call or email away.   However, for all of your financial needs, “Help” is in the form National PTA’s Money Matters, Maryland PTA’s Cash Encounters, or a full day of financial training. 

Good luck and have a great year.

Bruce Butz, Maryland PTA Treasurer

A Message from Our Sponsor

No Kid Hungry

In the richest state, in the richest country in the world, one in five kids still struggle with hunger. Compounding the problem, this hunger affects kids' ability to learn. The first meal of the day is especially critical. School breakfast fuels academic success. Yet, each day too many Maryland students miss out.

Kids who eat a healthy school breakfast do better in math, have higher attendance and are more likely to graduate. That's why it’s great to see schools across the state joining the Maryland Breakfast Challenge. The goal of the challenge, supported by the No Kid Hungry Campaign, Maryland State Department of Education and other partners, is to connect more students with breakfast. It also gives schools a chance to win cash and other prizes for their school.

Just last week, 19 school districts held Breakfast Challenge kick-off events and encouraged their schools to join.

Has your school joined yet?

If at least 750 schools enroll, we know that by pushing hard together we can connect over 10,000 more kids with a nutritious breakfast each day. You can find out more and encourage your school to enroll at MarylandBreakfastChallenge.org.

Children in Maryland need your continued support. Thank you for doing your part and helping to end childhood hunger in our state.


Maryland PTA Welcomes our 2014-2015 Sponsors!










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