Maryland PTA

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About Maryland PTA

History of PTA
Why PTA?
What does PTA do?
What is the National PTA?
How can I join?
Who belongs to the PTA?
How can I benefit?
What does it cost?

How Can I Join?

Contact a local school in your area. When you join PTA, you join millions of others who care about issues affecting children. The National PTA has local, council, district, and state-level PTAs operation in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in the U.S. Department of Defense Schools overseas.

Email the Maryland PTA to help you find a local in your neighborhood at

If there's not a PTA already working in your community, you can organize one. Contact the Maryland PTA state office at 800-707-7972 and they will be able to give you information and guidance on how to organize a PTA.