Maryland PTA

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About Maryland PTA

History of PTA
Why PTA?
What does PTA do?
What is the National PTA?
How can I join?
Who belongs to the PTA?
How can I benefit?
What does it cost?

What Does the PTA Do?

PTA provides parents and teachers with a way to share their experience and knowledge about children. PTA members support public education and work to improve children's health and safety. PTAs speak on behalf of children--who can't effect change for themselves--at local, state and national government levels.

Local PTAs work independently to promote the welfare of children in local schools and communities. They work together with principals, superin-tendents, school boards and other community leaders to make sure your concerns are heard and needs are met.State PTAs coordinate programs throughout the state on behalf of children. They organize volunteers to represent PTA views in you legislature and Washington, DC.

The National PTA develops programs and the materials you need to conduct programs locally. It also provides numerous publications including OUR CHILDREN, one of the best parenting magazines available.