Maryland PTA

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About Maryland PTA

History of PTA
Why PTA?
What does PTA do?
What is the National PTA?
How can I join?
Who belongs to the PTA?
How can I benefit?
What does it cost?

What is the National PTA?

The National PTA is the largest and most powerful volunteer association in America, Europe, and the Pacific Congress working for the education, health and safety of all children. Only associations belonging to the National PTA may call themselves PTAs.

The National PTA can provide accurate, current information about issues affecting children. Only the National PTA has in impact on issues that cross state lines, such as missing children, needs of working parents or child safety. Only National PTA members have access to publications, programs and services to help them be effective advocated for children and youth. Local independent parent teacher are not effective where it may count--with school boards, the state legislature and Congress.

Visit the National PTA website at