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Maryland PTA’s Membership Campaign

Maryland PTA is challenging all local units “make a difference” by growing your membership base to support all the wonderful programs your PTAs make available to all children in your school communities.

PTA Membership

As a PTA leader, you believe in the PTA and would like to see membership increase. But what can you do? First, recognize that there are many people in your community who are important human resources. Know who these individuals are. They may be parents, teachers, teenage mothers and fathers, couples without children, grandparents, senior citizens, community leaders, business people, school board members, or students.

• Remember, everybody can be a PTA member!

• Remember: Membership is open all year round

• Inform your members on the benefits that they receive as a PTA Member-

• Inform your membership of the accomplishments of your PTA.

How can you recruit new members? Ask yourself these questions:

• What are the benefits and services available at the local, state, and national levels?

• What do prospective members want to know about our PTA?

• How can our PTA best provide that information?

• Do our PTA materials reflect the cultural, economic, and social backgrounds of the community groups we are trying to reach?

• What are our strengths, and how can we build on them?

• What are our weaknesses, and how can we overcome them?

• What other PTA programs and activities are our neighboring PTAs doing that attract new members?

• What barriers exist in the PTA’s programs and practices that might discourage someone from joining?


Anyone may join a local PTA. They do not need to have children in the school. When PTAs grow their membership base, they are helping to grow future parent leaders.

The next time you see another parent from your school community that you do not see at your school’s PTA meetings, take time to personally invite them to attend and become a member of your PTA. Your PTA membership and leadership should reflect the diversity in your school community.

Another key way to increase membership in your local unit is to make sure that PTA members know what their membership dues are used for. Don’t just assume that everyone knows. Be sure to post flyers, notices on website and newsletters with all the great activities and programs that the PTA supports in your school.

As a reminder for your PTA, please see that dues payments are sent monthly to Maryland PTA. PTA presidents should work with the PTA treasurer to send in monthly payments for dues collected. Maryland PTA reports membership to National PTA by March 31 each year for National PTA convention planning. PTA membership is year round. Memberships are expected to be sold year round with dues collected and reported monthly to Maryland PTA by each PTA unit. Maryland PTA remits $2.25 to National PTA and retains $2.00 in Maryland. It is important that you do not throw away any unused cards. Those unused cards must be sent back to Maryland PTA or your PTA will be charged for the full number of cards mailed to your PTA. Remember that each member of a PTA gets a membership card.

All membership is calculated from July 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015. Growth will be determined based on membership reported by March 31, 2015 as computed by Maryland PTA.