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You are now held accountable for all membership cards issued to you. By June 30 of each year, you will need to return any unused and/or damaged membership cards to the Maryland PTA office. The number of memberships reported, unused cards and damaged cards must equal the number of cards sent to you. You will be billed $4.25 for each card that is otherwise unaccounted for. ($2.00 for Maryland PTA dues plus $2.25 National PTA Dues equals the $4.25 billed.)

Do not destroy any damaged cards. Return them promptly for credit by June 30.

Please be sure that you only pay for those memberships that are sold during the month.  Your membership chair and treasurer need to be accurate in their accounting. 

Your PTA will be receiving approximately the same amount of cards that you reported in membership last year. Please take time to count them and report any discrepancies to the Maryland PTA office immediately. The Maryland PTA office can be reached at (410)760-6221 or (800) 707-7972.


  • Each individual who joins PTA pays dues.
  • Each individual who has paid dues to join PTA must have their own individual card. A PTA membership card should NEVER be issued with more that one name, such as Mr. and Mrs.
  • Each member has a voice in PTA.
  • Membership in a PTA is required for the privilege of voting, and for holding office in that local and in Maryland PTA and National PTA.
  • Membership in one local PTA does not constitute privileges in any other local. To be a member of more that one local PTA, an individual must pay dues to each of these locals.
  • The membership card entitles its owner to attend and participate in state and National PTA sponsored meetings. Members may be asked to show a current membership card at PTA meetings. A current membership card is required to register as a voting delegate at Maryland PTA and National PTA annual convention.
  • Membership payments should be submitted monthly. Only report the number of membership cards sold during that month. Only remit $4.25 per card for the cards sold that month.
  • To be eligible for many of the Maryland membership awards, you must submit at least one dues payment BY Oct. 31. A local unit in Good Standing must have a minimum of 25 members. Final payments and any unsued cards need to be received by June 30.

The following information needs be completed on each card:

  • Fill in your National PTA ID number for each card (eight digit number).
  • Fill in the name of the person to whom the card is issued.
  • Fill in your local unit name
  • Remember, the expiration date of annual membership is always 9/30 of the next year.


For additional membership cards:

Indicate the number of cards desired on a copy of your monthly membership statement when you are submitting payment for dues received.



Mail or Fax the Membership Card Order Form to request additional cards. Order cards only after receiving the initial mailing of cards in August.

You must pay for 75% of the cards issued before more cards will be sent.



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