Parent Leadership and Advocacy

Opportunities for parent leadership and advocacy exist within the Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc.   These opportunities are meant to grant parents meaningful roles as partners in their children’s educations and the system in general, allowing them, for example, to impact policy by advising the School Board, Principals, etc. on certain issues, help design schools’ educational plans, consult on the selection of a new principal or assistant principal, and serve as the voice for other parents in advocating for their children. 

Parent organizations are excellent vehicles to support parent advocacy. For example, parent organizations play a significant role in helping parents advocate for mandated and needed programs and services for students, such as special education, disability, and English Language Learners programs.  Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. works with Parent Organizations to ensure the health and safety of students and school staff are taken seriously.

Parent advocacy can take many forms: the Alliance is establishing committees that will work on specific issues, though some schools prefer to create action groups.  

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